Swagg News phone interview with Joey Stylez

Joey Stylez

Thanks to A&R Drekz… ya can listen to the phonecall with Joey below:

Heard ‘Kool Runnin’ on the radio right here in town… now you KNOW someone’s on their way to the top when a bunk small town radio station plays a relatively unknown music artist multiple times!

Y’all can check out Joey Stylez feature page right here on NativeHipHop.net…

Joey Stylez to tour with Pitbull

According to Swagg News… our boy Joey is shortly gonna be touring with Pitbull.

The flyer says the first date is at the Agridome in Regina, Saskatchewan on Friday October 30th 2009. The TicketMaster website confirms that both Pitbull and Joey Stylez are appearing the next day on Saturday October 31st 2009 at:

Prairieland Park
503 Ruth St. W., Saskatoon, SK S7M 0G7

Order your tickets for that online right now…

Joey Stylez n Pitbull

Joey Stylez – Kool Runnin’

After all the emails people have been sending… here’s Joey’s latest video ‘Kool Runnin’!

According to Swagg News – he’s been linked to a six figure record deal with Universal Records.  Stay tuned and the minute we get something we’ll post it up for y’all!

A LabRat Recording

N8 – Traveling Kind

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/509rezhog
  • Music video from n8, from the album ‘Wasted Talent’. Released in 2008 under Rezhog Records/LabRat Recordings. This video was shot on the road in a span of 28 hours from Las Vegas all the way back up to good ol’ Wapato, Washington.

5th Element w/ Plex Interview – 5/02/09

5th element with plex interview

Plex phones in and talks about his win at the North American Indigenous Image Awards. We announce a show taking place on National Aboriginal Day in Edmonton. New music from Famous, D-Sisive and hiphopcanada.com

playlist for this show:

Classified – Inspiration
Famous ft Mayhem Morearty & Blake Carrington – A Kid Tryna Make It
D-Sisive – Wonderful World

Team Rezofficial – Lonely
JonC ft Azmatik – Northside Swag
Joey Stylez – Livin Proof
Manik – Commercial Drive

Infored ft Nysa & Antony- Lift Ya Fst
Wab Kinew ft Tinsel Korey – Last Word
***Plex Interview***
Plex ft Rellik and Touch – Spare Change

K’Naan ft Damien Marley – I Come Prepared
Bad News Brown – Long Days, Long Nights
Self Help – Dead Cities

Supaman ft Sabotage – Deadly Pens
Red Cloud – Ridiculous Junk

dedicated to Muriel Frances Crowfoot aka Grandma Crowfoot (Nov’33 – Apr’09)

5th Element with Plex Interview click here