Hip hop from Window Rock


Born Alton Lizer on a cold November morning in 1986. Inspired through his Navajo (Dine’) traditional cultural chants, he had learned to express himself through singing at the age of 5. Fortunately, singing was the ultimate escape from the Domestic Violence and poverty that settled within the home.

Furthermore, Hip-Hop culture sparked his interest during his days of middle school. In high school he took the role of MCing for his colleagues and speaking up for those whom couldn’t do so themselves through his lyrics. He remains focus on the Artform.

Rez-il continues to elevate off the foundation of spittin-community outreach.

Check out Rezil’s ReverbNation to listen to the smoothness. Even got a couple of Mp3’s for download. Also on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Rezil7GR

Lorenzo – Featuring Lorenzo

For those who are into the raw gritty sound of Lorenzo’s music, you can download his ‘Featuring Lorenzo’ album right here, or get it from the Mp3 Downloads section. A compilation of all the tracks he’s collaborated on, there’s songs with a few well known names on the native hip hop scene.

You can also check out his featured spot right here on NativeHipHop.net.

MythZero hip hop beats

I was contaced by Zeke “MythZerO” Terbasket – an Aboriginal hiphop producer from British Columbia. Dude’s got some skill at making beats.

Check out some samples of his stuff in this Youtube video, and consider him if you’re in need of hiring someone to make some tracks for you.


Savage Family The Faceless and the Nameless

HGS The faceless and the nameless. Check it out on amazon. There is also a free download on rentertainmentllc/bandzoogle.com.

The album was putt out last year in Washington. Faceless and nameless there is a ton of talent from all over our country. ALL NATIVE many tribes. Prooveing that it can be done with the truth and the medicine. ONE. I cant stress it enough. ONE. ALL ONE.

Not just a dream……


Tell me lies

November 9th, 2009
The chorus is sung if that helps with the flow


Tell me anything but the truth cause I don’t really think I can take it now,
Tell me anything but the truth can’t figure out how I’m supposed to make it now,
So tell me lies,

Tell me lies though I know you don’t believe I could be so naive,
Cause fake smiles take awhile for my soul to concieve,
Tell me lies as if this dreamcatcher works,
And as I sleep in the dirt I won’t dream of the worst,
That these beads and feathers somehow see the weather,
Like when I open my eyes I can see it better and we can be together,
I just want it to be easy cause never have I wrote such a greedy letter,
And when I put on these cleats (NEVER) my spine will only seem severed,
I can’t live afraid if I played it everything below the neck would be permanetly sedated,
They say ignorance is bliss but bliss is overated,
So I guess you could say it I stay ignorant willingly,
But it really seems these silly dreams that are filling me are killing me,
“I have the most beautiful girl in my arms so I don’t need to dream”,
I wrote those words without much worth it seems,
And now my passion seems trapped between her flashy wings and my daddy’s screams,
So past to me this gasoline so at last you’ll see,
That you have to burn the packaging to truly see the black of me,
Craftfully you run your fingers across whip marks on the back of me,
Now you scream when you see the demons screaming after me,
Laughingly I cut 100 slits into my uncut wrists,
Somewhat convinced all I ever do is somewhat exist.

Staring at blank pages broken pencils and an empty bank account,
Staring at fake faces frozen mentally with all the shit I think about,
I’ve awakened now but I woke up to an ugly world,
With ugly girls no diamonds but a thousand pounds of lovely pearls,
Bu they’re scattered and broken, fractured and open,
Unseen with one dream but even that’s shattered and hopeless,
Splattered and spoken with every ounce of flow in me,
Every pound of go in me I not such a slow MC,
I just got to and see the illest verse ever spit just so they all know it’s me,
Go between the roadblocks the whole block run until the show stops,
I’m dancing in the sun go to sleep when the snow stops,
Go to sleep? ha yeah my head wont let me,
I’m fed so get me another pencil cause the leads so heavy,
I’m dead so simply my zombie head wont fit me,
So often I ask if they’ll decorate my coffin my casket,
But they just keep laughin and wlking right past it,
My sarcophagaus is lost in this thoughtfulness,
Camoflauge my words so they’re lst in this forgotten bliss,

I mean really how much worse could it get,
When without football I feel like just a worthless kid,
All those days of lifting weights look how they worked for him,
The stars seem so far and God it hurts to miss,
My fingertips grow thicker your just a picture in my mind,
The only scripture I can find is a beginner in her time,
Just a flicker in her shine like the fissure in her spine,
No wait thats mine as I enter the center of time,
The inner winters frozen quicker broken splinter in the mud,
The sinners enter chokin with broken open liquor in my blood,
Armed with the ocean when I’m floatin on the sun,
Showin on the drum what is spoken on my tongue,
I speak the fire stop like sniper shots causing assassinations,
Words cease when JFK speaks blasting back a nation,
I’m weed wacking through streets packed with fabrications,
Exagurations like these abra cadabra magic stations,
I complete the sun’s heat with only half the saturation,
I was born to kill a hundred men but I lack half the patience,

My past only seems erasable,
I deem myself incapable to escape the unescapable,
Every line I write I seem unable to finish,
This cradle’s diminished I’m a man yet I quit it just as soon as I finish,
The sunlight seems too bright for my hollow eyes,
I won’t finish today until tomorrow arrives,
I pump weights all day yet I never feel strong,
Start feelin like the Devil I’ve lived in hell for so long,
I can’t hide even with my head up under the covers,
Want to rise out the ash but they keep pullin me under,
How long until I’m consumed I wonder,
But for now fear my words as the boom like thunder,
Wish it were so simple if only it were easy,
Been held under water till I’m no longer breathing,
Want to burn all my words but I’m out of lighter fluid,
My letters don’t seem to matter amongst all of the confusion,
How could I be so stupid drench this page in gasoline,
This burnt match hurts so bad now that I’m trapped between,
Crumple everything I’ve written then toss it aside,
Bitten by these words until I’m eaten alive,
I keep peeking inside just needing to find a reason to hide,
God gave me no wings so I seem no reason to fly