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Artist Song Album
WinDreamer Magisterial
Lorenzo Featuring Lorenzo
Lorenzo A New Luv (Remix)
Lorenzo What Becomes of the Broken Hearted
Once Upon Us Bottle Mouth
Once Upon Us Sing It Like
» Bigg B My Lady ft. Mr. Jay
» Bigg B When I’m On One
M.O North America c. 1491
Brownman I Want U
Brownman Relax
» 7th Generation Can Do It
» 7th Generation Nothing Like This
» 7th Generation Under The Rug ft. Chino XL

18 thoughts on “Mp3 Downloads”

  1. Natives rapping?!~! Gimme a break. And you wonder why native gangs and native crime are on the rise. I blame you for not adhering to your OWN CULTURE instead of trying to act like another race. Ashamed to be native? All the kids I know are into rap and nothing else. Why? It’s because of people like you that we are no longer able to stand alone. We get labelled as gangsters and thugs. Thank you native hip hop. You just destroyed your people. You just don’t know it yet. 🙁
    A true native.

  2. please they pretty cool!! please those people in the wez already been made of the gang and it’s all because of the blacks that do the rapper and shit!!! so blame them i mean the blacks!!! ilove u native rappers KEEP IT REAL!!!

  3. u guys r ignorant as fuck
    blaming hip hop yeah because b4 hip hop
    there was no street crime and violence when natives listened to mostly metal and country my dad grew up in the 70s and 80s northend
    of winnipeg and told me countless violent stories about the streets back then

    hip hop has kept me occupied and out of trouble
    if it wasn’t 4 hip hop i would probably be in a jail right now

  4. Dwight:
    I have read your comment and I disagree with you, if you took the time to listen to the words of these NATIVE Rapper you will hear they are in touch with there native back grounds and not violence; like Africa American rappers. So my words to is don’t blame the young ones, but the adults (parents) who don’t talk to their children about the past, so if you are and parent and have not talked to you children on tradition; then blame yourself before you point at others! Remember it is not nice to point. Native HipHop keep up the good job!!!!! Aarowgod (peace out>)

  5. Im As TrAdItIoN as ThEy cOME nOw DaYz…i StIll Go hUnTiNg FiShING, RoOt DiGgIN wItH mY fAmiLY, TaLk wiTh mY GrAnDmA eN aM sLoWlY LeArNiNg mUh LaNgUaGe, StiLl Go tO lOnG hOUSe PoWwOw tHe WhOlE mIx, I CoMe fRoM a StRoNg TrAdItIon FaMiLy In thA nOrTHwEsT BuT iM iNtO UrBaN mUsIc tO tHe MaX, FrOm NaTiVe RaPPeRz tO InDuStRiaL ArTiStz ON tHE RaDiO aND Tv, I wRiTe ThInGs DoWn, HeRe eN tHerE AnD iSnT Ne tHINg MorE iMpOrTaNt tO mE thAn BeIn uH nAtiVe, Im sO pRouD i CaNt WaTcH CoWbOy N NdD MoViEs BeCaUsE iT gEtS mE rOwDy, eN WiTh Us nAtiVe ArTiSt MoSt iS nOtHiN u WoUlD hErE frOm Ne ONE eLsE itS uNiQuE, aNd iS oUr oWn StYlE, cOmInG pAiN, eN ThE lIfE oF thE ReZ, I CoUlD sAy MoRe BuT i wOnT…

  6. first nations ppl are all about expression the hip hop genre is made that of reporting what they (the artist) are seeing in society or have experienced

    the ppl that cant see that are the ones that are blind blaming music for the problems in the world is weak

    i love the new music that our ppl are involved in keep it up

    promote the positive outcome

  7. Music is universal it has nothing to do with acting like another race. I t is obvious that the person that posted that blog is as ignorant as the people who oppress all races that are not Caucasian so please next time encourage a native brotha who is doing something positive fool.

  8. I give props to ALL natives doing their thing. I was one of the 1st to be rappin’ in like 1988 & the 1st to put out a maxi single in 1991. I would have expected all these ignorant comments then but not in 2010. “keep up the good fight b/c no one can define a TRUE NATIVE nowadays.” yep.

    DJ TEE

  9. There’s nothing I despise more than all these WHITE WANNABEs fronting like they’re NDN and posting to the boards with their holier than thou MISSIONARY minds telling NDNZ how to be more NDN. What these delusional white fools don’t realize is that they are a total joke to the authentic skinz they claim to respect so much. You can always tell when a WHITE WANNABE is on a board because he self righteously pontificates about how bad and wrong REAL NDNZ are because we won’t stay in the past preserving just the happy parts of our culture in museum quality for the unlimited consumption of greedy white folks. Anytime somebody starts talking about how “you people” should stay in the past and preserve the purity of your culture, they should be It just shows how greedy and racist the WHITE WANNABEs are that they can’t even let us have this tiny space for real NDNZ to appreciate some REAL NDN culture created BY US FOR US! No matter how “enlightened” the White folks think they are they just can’t resist their Missionary blood and the need to boss REAL NDNZ around and dictate to us how to be conquered servants for white greed and consumerism. The white folks just can’t get over their romaniticized racist stereotypes of NDNZ as noble savages who exist only to meet the needs of white folks. Makes me sick to my stomach whenever the pious, self-righteous WANABEES invade our small territory on the web. If you don’t like this site, there are thousands of fake “Urban Shaman” sites for you to throw your money away on and keep you in your fantasy world. If we’re lucky all the white wannabes will take themselves out in pricey upscale fakeass sweatlodges and let the REAL SKINZ live in peace without their missionary meddling!

  10. Can someone give me some advice as to where I could begin on my own to make beats? I got a lot of poetry in my head, but damn it, Idk where or how to start making beats! Plz! Some advice would help….thx.

  11. Its really sick and twisted how some people think, Im a under ground producer and yes i do rap some times but it dont make me a gangster, i have kids come to me and want to work on songs to help them stay out of trouble, Yes they are native to, Yet one doesnt even swear on his tracks he does make so in reality LOOK MORE INTO THE REAL HIP HOP INSTEAD OF MAKING JUGEMENTS HERE THERE ARE SOME PEOPLE TRYING TO HELP THE COMUNITYS AND YET LOOK AT YOU PEOPLE, WTF ARE YOU DOING TO HELP THESE KIDS TO DO BETTER IN THERE LIVES TO HELP THEM NOT GO TO JAIL, I DONT REALLY SEE MANY PEOPLE STEPING UP TO THE PLATE TO DO SO, SO WHEN U GET OFF UR @$$ ND DO SOME THING THEN I WONT JUDGE YOU BUT AS I SEE IT YOUR JUST JUDGING ON WHAT OTHER PEOPLE HAVE DONE IN THE PAST MUSIC IS NOT TO BLAME

  12. I think we need to exterminate the rest of you turds…….. bahahahahaha…. were did custards grand kids go? bahahahaha!!!!!!

  13. hey Michelle Mcgilvery @ U

    What in the world are you doing for kids and your community at 2:59 a.m.? smoking a crack rock? bahahahaahaha!????!?!?!?!

  14. In 1981 I saw these guys rhyming to each other and making up stories about each was funny. I liked the way that they made lite of their circumstances and could still make comments about how hard life was. I learned, and adapted my writings to who I was. I started performing in school and was called a poet. I didn’t realize I was doing spoken word; rap; hip-hop!! Eventually, I performed to tell stories about my life and what I had learned…not all ideas or thoughts are correct..but they were mine. Then I was offered a number of recording contracts…but I had to be ‘native’. How native could I make myself..if I wasn’t already? It doesn’t matter how native or not you are..or whatever race, creed or color you are. If you are educating people about yourself, and the world you see around you…then you are an artist. Because I wouldn’t be ‘gangster native’ in my music,I was blackballed by the label I did sign with…so I created my own. I’m a Harley rider, and Crew Boss, but I don’t brag about it. If you are denouncing and attacking others and the world around you…who are you? I fit into both categories..I’m successful and strong..but I’m still just a native. A rapper. The first.

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