M.O. & Geothermal MC and ‘String Games’ up for nomination at APCMA

M.O. & Geothermal MC are pleased to announce their submission for the 2011 Aboriginal People’s Choice Music Awards. Visit their page at (http://aboriginalpeopleschoice.com/artists/m-o-geothermal-mc/). Registration is open now, and voting began July 14th, 2011. M.O. & Geothermal MC are eligible for Best Duo or Group, ‘Muskox ft. Kinnie Starr’ for Single of the Year, and ‘String Games’ for Best Rap/Hip Hop CD.

M.O. is the only Inuk from Nunavut to have an entry eligible for voting at this year’s event. Also look for Elisapie Isaac (Nunavik Inuk) in the Pop CD category.

M.O.’s first CD ‘Eskimocentricity’ did not make it beyond the preliminary rounds in 2010, but seeing as M.O. was the first Inuk rapper eligible for nomination in the Best New Artist category, and Eskimocentricity the first solo Inuk album eligible in the Best Rap/Hip Hop CD category, M.O. & Geothermal MC are hoping for better things with ‘String Games’. M.O. laid out many ‘firsts’ for Canadian Inuit rappers with the 2009 release of ‘Eskimocentricity’, and ‘String Games’ looks to be adding to the list.

M.O. was born in Iqaluit, Nunavut (Frobisher Bay, NWT at the time) during the coldest November in the town’s recorded history. A product of an Inuk mother and a Brooklynite father, he and two sisters were raised by their father in Iqaluit and in Vancouver, BC. It was in B.C. that M.O. met Geothermal MC and the two became life-long friends, so it was natural for M.O. to invite Geothermal MC as a special guest on ‘Eskimocentricity’.

The duo of M.O. & Geothermal MC have been influenced by a wide-array of sources, from classical Indian sitar music to classic rock music, Inuit culture to hip hop culture, Kool Moe Dee to Sage Francis; but their lyrics and sound are unique, and very much their own!

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