Samian – Tshinanu ft. Florent Vollant

Born in 1983 in the small community of Pikogan Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Samian, whose name is simply the Algonquin translation of his name ‘Samuel‘ is a mongrel who has chosen rap as his mode of expression.

In his writing, he offers a personal interpretation of his life, identity and history of his people. In addition to incorporating drums and native songs to contemporary hip hop rhythms, he worked with his grandmother to include the language of their ancestors and offer a hip hop true to the reality of his community.

Being from Quebec, Canada – his raps are in French.

Check out his website at:

2 thoughts on “Samian – Tshinanu ft. Florent Vollant”

  1. This rapper sounds too french yo, we need a real rapper to rap this song, the beat and chorus of the singer’s way better, but the rapper man, i think he needs more work on the rapping, he ruined the song yo…i’m sorry but you gotta sound real ndn since it’s an indian song like me yo…

  2. He’s as native as anyone else on this website. He just speaks a different language. There are LOTS of natives who speak French in Quebec.

    I don’t think he ruined the song 😉

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