Joey Stylez – Kool Runnin’

After all the emails people have been sending… here’s Joey’s latest video ‘Kool Runnin’!

According to Swagg News – he’s been linked to a six figure record deal with Universal Records.  Stay tuned and the minute we get something we’ll post it up for y’all!

Rez Incorporated – Got What You Need

Anyone else checking for this group of natives? They seem to be making some consistent knocks from what I’ve been seeing through YouTube.

Rez Inc – Got What You Need

Rez Inc – Got What You Need (Live)

Rez Inc – Jokes

A LabRat Recording

N8 – Traveling Kind

  • Music video from n8, from the album ‘Wasted Talent’. Released in 2008 under Rezhog Records/LabRat Recordings. This video was shot on the road in a span of 28 hours from Las Vegas all the way back up to good ol’ Wapato, Washington.

Iron Jaw Angels – 2oolman & Scorsese

Song: Iron Jaw Angels
Artist: 2oolman & Scorsese
Directed by: Ruiz of MadRukus Entertainment
Produced by: 2oolman for First of the Month Productions

HIT & RUN PART 2 – Coming Soon

Download the first “HIT & RUN”