Shawn Bernard and Joey Stylez ” NDN CAR” REMIX Celebration

Shawn Bernard aka Feenix and Joey Stylez celebrate their upcoming remix of a classic song by Keith Secola, NDN Car @ the Gas Pump. Also performing is the Cree Clan from Wabasca and Edmonton’s own Red 3 and beats are supplied by Red 3’s DJ Giant.

5th Element – 9/26/09

5th element podcast

Last week of voting for Aboriginal People Choice Music Awards, voting ends Oct 1. Topleft Recordings has a new mixtape called, Canada vs USA and its available on Max Prime has a new cd out called Tranquility and I also picked up Nestor Wynrush’s cd, Trinnipeg. We also have new audio from OK Cobra and Deezus.

playlist for this show:

OK Cobra – I Quit (Give Up)
Nestor Wynrush – Ole Mine Town
Deezus – Livin Free/On My Own Now

Plex ft Rellik & Brandon Brown – Northside
Wab Kinew – Killa Peg
Jon C ft Azmatik – Northside Swag
OS12 – Cowboy Killah pt2

Joey Stylez ft Big Sav – Sugar Cane
Brooklyn ft Charlie Fetah & Jon C – Bad Ass Shorty
Lakota Jonez ft Scorsese – Hotel Blu
Inez ft Magic Touch – Breathe

Angerville ft Tek & DJ Law – No Joke
Magnum 357 ft Planet Asia – Hustlaz Everywhere
P Dollaz ft Jay NY – My Time

Max Prime – What You Think
Brothers Grim – Livin Lavish

5th Element – 9/26/09 Podcast

Swagg News phone interview with Joey Stylez

Joey Stylez

Thanks to A&R Drekz… ya can listen to the phonecall with Joey below:

Heard ‘Kool Runnin’ on the radio right here in town… now you KNOW someone’s on their way to the top when a bunk small town radio station plays a relatively unknown music artist multiple times!

Y’all can check out Joey Stylez feature page right here on…

Joey Stylez to tour with Pitbull

According to Swagg News… our boy Joey is shortly gonna be touring with Pitbull.

The flyer says the first date is at the Agridome in Regina, Saskatchewan on Friday October 30th 2009. The TicketMaster website confirms that both Pitbull and Joey Stylez are appearing the next day on Saturday October 31st 2009 at:

Prairieland Park
503 Ruth St. W., Saskatoon, SK S7M 0G7

Order your tickets for that online right now…

Joey Stylez n Pitbull

Joey Stylez – Kool Runnin’

After all the emails people have been sending… here’s Joey’s latest video ‘Kool Runnin’!

According to Swagg News – he’s been linked to a six figure record deal with Universal Records.  Stay tuned and the minute we get something we’ll post it up for y’all!