Hey whats going down my natives?

I am writing this post to let you all  know about a Myspace Page that I created back in 2006 and recently has been gettin more attention. SO here it goes hopes yahs check the page out 🙂


The page was created by myself Donnzz Noah sometime in 2006 (on myspace.com) The page has featured many artists such as J-REZ, TRU APOSTLES, SUPAMAN, POETIK WARRIORZ , BEAATZ & ILL FUNDZ, CODY THE CATCH, SADIE and many more.

The page showcases native hip hop talent from Canada & The U.S by posting tracks by 10 artists a month in the music player on the page on Myspace.com, along with videos from youtube and album covers, album releases, shows etc etc.

This is a way to show love for native hip hop and native hip hop artist period who are truly an inspiration these artists prove that we as native ppl can do ne thing even hip hop music. so much love & respect to all yahs out there doing ur thing


The mission of this page was to showcase the talent we have in our ppl specifically in the hip hop genre. and to send a message through hip hop/music. & to prove that we arent what we are portrayed as in the media, because as First Nations ppl we to have a voice whether is through hip hop and any genre of music. We too are a talented ppl and the artists on the page proves that.


If u are an artists and would like to be featured on the page 🙂 send ur tracks too the email address provided below and we will post u up asap & remember to also send a picture so the listeners know who the track belongs to 🙂

This page will NOT post your track if your lyrics contain:

1. Gang Affiliated Lyrics (bloods or crips)
2. Massively Violent Lyrics ( drive bys, stabbing, killing)
3. Degrading Towards Woman or Race/Culture
4. Sexual Lyrics (bitches & hoes, etc)

This page is viewed by First Nations youth so we wanna have lyrics featured that dont promote these types of lyrics

So if you would like me to feature your track on this page please contact me by email : [email protected]

I am also on FACEBOOK under the name Donnzz Noah.

A Movement On Itz Own is also on Facebook, so if you would like to become a FAN & JOIN THE GROUP just search A Movement On Itz Own and our fan page and group page will show up ! Thank You.

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