Hip hop from Window Rock


Born Alton Lizer on a cold November morning in 1986. Inspired through his Navajo (Dine’) traditional cultural chants, he had learned to express himself through singing at the age of 5. Fortunately, singing was the ultimate escape from the Domestic Violence and poverty that settled within the home.

Furthermore, Hip-Hop culture sparked his interest during his days of middle school. In high school he took the role of MCing for his colleagues and speaking up for those whom couldn’t do so themselves through his lyrics. He remains focus on the Artform.

Rez-il continues to elevate off the foundation of spittin-community outreach.

Check out Rezil’s ReverbNation to listen to the smoothness. Even got a couple of Mp3’s for download. Also on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Rezil7GR

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