Interview with Manik1derful of the The STARMAKERZ

Hailing from East Vancouver, Manik1derful, DJ Sichuan and Magic Touch are the Starmakerz. The award winning production team has helped Inez sweep the 2009 Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards in Winnipeg, MB. As a group they’ve travelled all over, spreading their message and helping others along the way to become stars.

Who are the Starmakerz and their affliations?
Starmakerz are Manik 1derful , Dj Sichuan and Magic Touch and we are the secret behind the Stressed Street movement

How long has your team been together and how did you guys hook up?

We have been making music for the last few years as the Starmakerz. Manik and Sichuan have been a team since the Sunday Skool Dropoutz but a few years ago we drafted the rookie of the year Magic Touch.

What services do you offer?
We will make you a beat. Write you a song. Record it for you and get it released for you if need be. Basically if you have talent we will magnify it for the public to see! We notice alot of ya’ll that record music are working with average producers and mediocre engineers. We will be the difference!

Who are some of the stars your team has worked with?

We have worked with everything that has been of success in Vancouver. Swollen Members , Moka Only , Defenders Of the Faith , Inez , Joey Stylez and many more

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