5th Element – 9/26/09

5th element podcast

Last week of voting for Aboriginal People Choice Music Awards, voting ends Oct 1. Topleft Recordings has a new mixtape called, Canada vs USA and its available on hiphopcanda.com. Max Prime has a new cd out called Tranquility and I also picked up Nestor Wynrush’s cd, Trinnipeg. We also have new audio from OK Cobra and Deezus.

playlist for this show:

OK Cobra – I Quit (Give Up)
Nestor Wynrush – Ole Mine Town
Deezus – Livin Free/On My Own Now

Plex ft Rellik & Brandon Brown – Northside
Wab Kinew – Killa Peg
Jon C ft Azmatik – Northside Swag
OS12 – Cowboy Killah pt2

Joey Stylez ft Big Sav – Sugar Cane
Brooklyn ft Charlie Fetah & Jon C – Bad Ass Shorty
Lakota Jonez ft Scorsese – Hotel Blu
Inez ft Magic Touch – Breathe

Angerville ft Tek & DJ Law – No Joke
Magnum 357 ft Planet Asia – Hustlaz Everywhere
P Dollaz ft Jay NY – My Time

Max Prime – What You Think
Brothers Grim – Livin Lavish

5th Element – 9/26/09 Podcast