7 thoughts on “Indian Outlaw – Joey Stylez”

  1. This Joey Stylez fella is WACK! This is not Native HipHop. This is just some clown with a wack voice, wack lyrics, wack style. This email pissed me off and wasted my time.

  2. Like it or not dude – he’s First Nation, and his music is hip hop. That alone makes his music ‘native hip hop’ – so your statement simply isn’t true.

    If you can come up with something better I’ll post it up.

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  3. im hotr than a sweat lodge,mov so fast call me sonic da hedgehog,but only i can mov me only way that il budge,feelin so fresh like i was jus smudged,4eva rokin warpaint on a warpath, fuk u xpect i was born mad, thats y da style mean, white buffalo comin thats wut da growl mean…..joseph lagoo ojibwe menominee. waabi-bizhikii.im on facebook chek my walls 4 mor.

  4. Look it’s a native lil wayne! “biter”. want real native hip hop. listen to cats like Supa Man, Maniac the Siouxpernatural, Quese IMC, Red Cloud! This Joey Bite Stylez, is Wack! Making natives look bad!

  5. i think this guy is a good rapper he is really out there for us first nations shout out from Piikani Nation First Nation Blackfoot Confederacy (Peigan indian Reserve #147)

  6. white ppl r just jealous!!!!! peirod >they can’t be like him. don’t judge what ppl do in their lives. only god can judges US. what did ur parents teach u when u were a kid? …RACISM ORRR DISRESPECt!!!

  7. alllll ya`lllll dumb bitchs that are hatin take ur shiiit ova there u iNTRENTGOOO0OF`Z jusss stfu & lyke iht or not becoz joey stylez got`s away betttttter voice than alll ya dumb fcks low low fukers ! – yagirl was posssssssstd BiTCH [; ! . ..♥

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