Slincraze – Amma

SlinCraze is a rapper from Norway, rapping in Sami, a language spoken by the indigenous people in Scandinavia. Spoken by only 20.000 people he is reviving an endangered language by mixing modern hiphop with traditional sami music. The Sámi people (also spelled Sami or Saami) are an indigenous Finno-Ugric people inhabiting Sápmi, which today encompasses large northern parts of Norway and Sweden, northern parts of Finland, and the Kola Peninsula within the Murmansk Oblast of Russia.

Music and lyrics: SlinCraze
Mix: Sivert Hjeltnes Hagtvet
Master: Propeller Mastering
Actress: Ella Marie Hætta Isaksen
Extras: Karina Haukland, Kenneth Paulsen, Vanessa Andersen, Freja Joy Blinn, og Hedline
Film and edit: Frikant Mediedesign w/ Frank Rune Isaksen
Label: Mano Music
Management: Hedline w/ [email protected]

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