Video: FEENIX aka Shawn Bernard – Strong HD

FEENIX (Shawn Bernard) music video STRONG (2009). Directed & Produced by Will Belcourt of Red Wizard Media. Photographed and Edited by David Bates of tyrant pictures.
Filmed on-location in The Northwest Territories and Alberta, Canada.
(c) copyright 2009 Red Wizard Media

One thought on “Video: FEENIX aka Shawn Bernard – Strong HD”

  1. hey sup bro i seen you on mytv last night your rapping is awsome im from winnipeg but im useully from little grand rapids but im in foster care since i was 3 yrs old. but an who i love your song never heard of you befor until i listened to your music stay true to our people im 16 yrs old trying to do something with my life i wanna be a singer i have a great voice my fav thing is singing and danceing i love to dance. but hit me up at [email protected] leave a message or fimd me on facebook jezebell ronnquist later

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