Writtyn – A Song For Ma (ft. Tacara)

Kari Denny-Flynn AKA “Writtyn” was born in Monument Valley, Utah and raised in Kayenta, Az. Writtyn is a full blooded Navajo known as Din’e. Writtyn was adopted at birth with her twin sister. She started writing poetry when she was 14yrs old and gradually turned it into music. Writtyn was raised in an alcoholic family with a single mother, 4 brothers and her twin sister. Writtyn got kicked out of school at age 16 and started doing drugs. She eventually went back to school and graduated with her class in “98”. After high school Writtyn went to Salt Lake City Utah and started recording and writing learning more about herself. Writtyn’s music is all about what she went through and what she learned. Her up coming album is called “I’m Not Perfect.” It is about deceit, lies, cheating, love, strife and the good that has happened in her life. The lyrics that she writes and recites make her unique and make her Writtyn. Writtyn is right to the point and blunt with her words. She listened to MC Lyte and Lyte Foote. Writtyn also does public speaking about drug awareness and HIV/Aids awareness after finding out that Native Americans are 3rd in the U.S being affected with HIV/Aids. Being raised on the Navajo Reservation, Writtyn learned to be humble and grateful of her culture. Writtyn is out there teaching about what she went through in her life.

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